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About Me

I come from an athletic background and first started practicing yoga in 

2012 because I felt like something was missing in my fitness program.

Initially, the physical aspect of the practice was very appealing to me

but then I realized other amazing benefits: how to slow down, be more present

and mindful, connect with my true self and find peace, calm and

balance amidst the chaos that life with a family can bring.

I literally fell in love with the practice and have made it my passion.

My intention is to inspire people and help them realize the powerful

transformation yoga can provide, both physically and mentally. 



My in-studio classes are back (available livestream as well).

I also offer classes via Zoom, from the comfort of my home to yours.

More info below.

Fun at Yoga


-Monday 5pm Flow
-Friday 10:30am Slow Flow 
-Saturday 10am Flow (every other Saturday or so)


Thursday 6:15pm Strong Flow

Yoga Pose
Upward Facing Dog

PRIVATE GROUP VIA ZOOM - Livestream only

Various classes offered during the week & weekend.

Send me a message for more details.


"We don't use our body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body."

Bernie Clark


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I have taken "in person" yoga classes for many years and was quite skeptical about taking online classes. I was "so sure" the instructors would be difficult to follow, the atmosphere would be artificial and it would surely lack the "personal" touch. A few months into covid I was really missing my weekly sessions so, on the prodding from my daughter, I gave it a try.

Line's zoom yoga classes were a delightful surprise.  Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I never feel overwhelmed, frustrated or intimidated. I keep my camera on so she is able to correct me if i am doing a posture incorrectly. Line's relaxed and calm, easy going personality makes her classes a pleasure!

M.J. W.

Line has a way of explaining each pose to help us get there.  She also mixes up poses, so each class is not the same; She makes each class a learning experience and always seems to incorporate new poses that focus on different areas. 
She is also very inspirational in her teaching; She gives us these little nuggets of ideas, thoughts, little “jewels” that always seem to be the exact thing I needed to hear that day, and help me through the week.
Her passion for the practice is evident in all ways!  I find her to be really true to her craft but not so true that we cannot relate to her class.  We really relate - she teaches in a way that inspires us to do the poses, but she isn't so so serious that we all can’t laugh!  
Line is very REAL!  And she inspires me to be my best.

Catherine Zak

Yoga with Line is awesome! The Beginners Series is so educational, I didn't expect to learn so much about Yoga!
The classes are Fun, Informative, combined with Excellent Instruction in a Calm & Peaceful Environment. Line's Love for Yoga is a Blessing for us all!  Namaste

Jan Baxter

The Deep Stretch classes were fantastic!  As a first timer at Yoga I really did not know what to except.  I was blown away at how much I enjoyed it physically and how my body felt and responded during and after classes.  Also, the mental side was amazing and I really decompressed and felt so clear in my mind.  I was not expecting that!  Lastly, I think as a guy there is a misnomer that Yoga is for females only, but I would encourage all guys to give it a try!  It will not disappoint!

Matt Bekar

Loving yoga with Line!  Line has a great teaching style with thoughtful classes, great transitions and energy.  
Zoom yoga has been a positive experience in these challenging times. Thanks Line!


Just finished Line's Deep Stretch Series on Thursday evenings!  An amazing evening class that works on “opening” up your body and then you go home to have an amazing sleep. Line is knowledgeable, attentive and funny. She brings great energy and expertise to the class. Loved it!

Nina Sidhu

I took Line’s Beginner Series yoga, and I found Line’s instruction to be clear and easy to follow. I loved that she provided alternatives for the challenging poses, and that she took the time to provide extra information regarding the practice of yoga. Line’s enthusiasm for yoga is catching!

Lisa Evans

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